Corkie Van Zak

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

Travel Ideas: Places to Visit in Europe by Corkie

I’ve been in the travel industry since 1979 and I’ve loved every minute of it. Since I first started, I’ve traveled all over the world and covered most of the places to visit in Europe. I have plenty of travel ideas to share with my clients. My specialties in travel include European destinations, ocean and river cruises. I also focus on travel to the UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Scandinavia, Iceland and Japan. But no matter where in the world my clients plan to go, I always like to find special and unique experiences and activities for them.  For example, in Ischia, Italy, which is one of the islands, they offer a phenomenal cooking class. It’s a volcanic cooking class. Everyone who guides the experience is a scientist. The unique experience is that the cooking class is based on the science behind volcanoes. These scientists take you to a volcanic area. Along the way, you will be taught the science behind volcanoes and you will also be picking herbs along the way. They will show you which herbs to pick and explain what they are. When you arrive at the volcanic area on this Italian island in Europe, they teach you how to cook a meal in the hot volcanic sand using the same herbs you just picked. It could be a delicious chicken dish or any kind of meal they want to prepare that day. You will not only learn a key survival skill but also enrich your life with additional knowledge you would otherwise never have. The scenery is astounding in itself. Your trip will be enhanced by a dip in the beautiful waters nearby. You may even want to snorkel for a little while to see the world under the sea. When you return, there will be a hot meal waiting for you which was prepared using science and the heat of the volcanic sands. This is a really unique experience that’s also educational and fun. I love sharing this travel idea with my clients.  Another place to visit in Europe is the IceHotel.  This is an actual hotel made from ice. There are only a few such ice hotels in the entire world. I love booking this trip and figuring out the excursions to include which my clients will enjoy. The different excursions might include dog sledding where you lead your own team of dogs through the pristine wilderness, or ride as someone else leads. My clients might prefer to go on a thrilling ride on a snowmobile into the forest. They might want to know of a hideaway place to visit in town that offers a romantic, delicious dinner. There are so many possibilities. Ranking at the top of the list of the many places to visit in Europe is Paris, France. Paris is a perennial favorite for my clients because, of course, it’s Paris – the city of love. One of my clients wanted to surprise his wife with a 65th surprise birthday party in Paris, France: When he suggested that they go to a restaurant, I responded by suggesting the Bustronome®, where you can have a gourmet meal aboard a double decker bus, while sightseeing around Paris. You could either do lunch or dinner on this bus tour restaurant, but for this surprise birthday, I recommended a nice dinner that comes with wine. Since they brought the whole family (a group of 15) with them, their outing nearly sold out the entire bus for that night. In this way, the whole group was able to see and enjoy the stunning sights in Paris by night altogether as a family. This bus is not like a normal bus on the inside. It really feels like a “rolling” fine restaurant with white linen table cloths, great service, amazing food, enough room, big windows and a glass ceiling so you don’t miss anything from the great Parisian sights at night. I can book any of these kinds of experiences for you, with unique, little-known places to visit in Europe, Japan or Scandinavia. I have files brimming with travel ideas. If I ever run short on ideas for unique travel experiences, I also have the immense Protravel International databases at my disposal with virtually tens of thousands more ideas on hospitality and adventure around the world. Call me today and let’s get started planning your own spectacular adventure, romantic getaway, ocean cruise, itinerary of places to visit in Europe or trip around the world.

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