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Samantha Hartman

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Active Adventures in New Zealand

About a year and a half ago I went to New Zealand with my two brothers. It was a great trip for our family because we are all active and love outdoor adventures. Sure, New Zealand has museums and nightlife and shopping, but that was not what we flew halfway around the world to do. We wanted to experience the amazing things that you can only see and do in New Zealand, and there is plenty of that!

New Zealand is comprised of two islands: North Island and South Island. It is important to plan your trip carefully because the traveling times are much greater than they seem on the map. We used planes to cover the longer distances so that we wouldn’t spend all our time getting from one place to another and not have time to get out and enjoy. Then, we chose several areas to explore by car where we wanted to freedom to drive at our own pace. 

We rented a car and drove around and enjoyed a lot of hiking. Everywhere you turn, everywhere you look, there is another amazing view and another awesome scene that feels like something out of a movie. We’d be driving through towering green mountains along a coastal drive, where the cliffs overlook beautiful stretches of ocean, and it was almost unbelievable how spectacular it was. Since we had rented a car, we could stop wherever something called to us. Often, locals would recommend a particular spot for a hike or a photo op, or a favorite adventure. Everyone we met was incredibly helpful and friendly.

One of the most spectacular places we went was Milford Sound. Formed by glaciers, its deep fjords are framed by towering mountains. You can go on a boat trip, but we went kayaking along the shore and felt dwarfed by the peaks towering over us. The scale is hard to comprehend. 

For active explorers, New Zealand offers unique opportunities for eco-adventures. As a New Zealand specialist, I can customize a trip that brings you everywhere you want to go.

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