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Carolyn Karbin

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International Travel with Kid in Tow

One of my favorite trips was visiting Europe when my daughter was ten and seeing it through her eyes. We went to London and stayed at the Hilton London Green Park. My daughter was thrilled because you walk out the front door and you see a real palace; Buckingham Palace is just across the park. 

It’s a small boutique hotel, with a wonderful staff. They took especially good care of us when my daughter wasn’t feeling well. The trip was completed with a shopping trip to Harrod’s to get at teddy bear.

On another visit to London we visited the Tower of London. It’s great for kids. She remembers so much about it, the narrow stairways and the crown jewels. She especially loved seeing the guards march and thought it great fun to imitate them.

Most recently we took the Chunnel to Paris. It was a relaxing way to see some of the English and French countryside, and much easier than dealing with airports and flying. In Paris, we had a fun surprise. We’d been walking all day and stopped at a cafe before heading back to the hotel when my daughter noticed lights flickering on the Eiffel Tower. You could hear the oooooh’s from everyone that had not seen it before.

Mexico is one of our favorite relaxing, family vacation destinations. We enjoy the sun the sand and the water. Last December we took a small charter boat in the morning to see the whales and we were able to spot a group swimming not too far from out boat.  Our captain then took us to a small private beach accessible only by boat, and we enjoyed fresh ceviche and guacamole.

Part of what makes all these trips so special are the memories we create and the pure enjoyment of travel.

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