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Vikings, Outdoor Activities and Thermal Baths

Baltic cruising is ideal for families and ours shared some of our most memorable in that region. My kids especially loved the active shore excursions in Sweden and Norway and learning the real history of the Vikings. Plus in several places, we were able to kayak, cycle, hike and even take a horseback ride—all great family activities.

Both kids still talk about the Vasa Museum in Stockholm—all the amazing workmanship that went into a ship that sunk before it left the harbor, and ironically, that now has its own museum. They also enjoyed the recreated villages at Skansen, just a short walk from the Vasa Museum. 

Iceland was probably our favorite. We loved soaking in the thermal baths, hiked a manmade tunnel to see a glacier from the inside, and took a 4X4 vehicle across lava fields and through the highlands. We also were lucky enough to spot some amazing wildlife, from humpback whales to puffin.

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