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Lyndee Campbell

Sierra Madre, California Travel Agent

Luxury Travel Advisor

Why You Need Travel Advisor Lyndee Campbell Booking Your Travel Adventure 

Why let Lyndee Campbell plan your travel adventure on an ocean cruise or a trip to exotic Hawaii? Because she’s been organizing travel since she was a teenager and now she’s a veteran Protravel advisor with 18 years of experience. Lyndee loves booking travel. She “got into the business” you could say when she was a teen coaching dance teams and arranging all of their travel plans. Friends and family began asking her to schedule their trips and vacations, and she eventually realized she wanted to do this full time.  

Lyndee’s favorite part of being a travel advisor is knowing that she helps fulfill the dream of a lifetime for so many of her clients, whether they’re sailing the open seas or enjoying travel adventures in the Hawaiian Islands. Contact Lyndee to take a cruise, visit Hawaii or enjoy travel all over the world including trips in Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Antigua and Barbuda, the Bahamas, France and more. She’s been a valued Protravel International agent for 4 years, was a flight attendant for 3 years, is ACC-CLIA Cruise Academy Certified and was a “Top Travel Agent” with AAA for more than 10 years.

Travel Advisor

Why have Protravel International travel advisor Lyndee Campbell plan your travel adventure? Because she has 18 years of experience and is a veteran when it comes to booking Hawaii, cruises and world travel.