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Personalized Service & Unique Experiences

What sets me apart as a travel agent is the personalized service that I provide. I don’t just go the extra mile—I go the extra two miles. Whatever your interests, I will find the right hotels, guides, and activities for you. If your interest is art, I will send you to the best museums and galleries. If you want to climb a mountain with your family, I will arrange the best trip and guides for your abilities. I also provide restaurant recommendations and reservations, tour suggestions, and always search for the best prices and value-added amenities—even at the most expensive hotels.

Most importantly, my clients find great comfort in knowing that I am available 24/7. Despite the 12-hour time difference, when a client got sick while in China, I was on the phone with my ground operator, finding the right doctor, and making sure she was well cared for until her recovery. Receiving a 9 p.m. call from a client who was unhappy with her room at the Four Seasons Lanai in Hawaii, I called the manager, who moved her to a lovely junior suite and invited her to dine as his guest at Nobu as an apology for their error.

I grew up in Odessa in Ukraine, and my family moved to Israel when I was 16. When I got married, my husband and I moved to the U.S. His work took him around the world, and I arranged his travel and usually accompanied him. I found that I loved the world of travel. Going abroad wakes up your mind and all your senses. Experiencing other cultures, you appreciate your own life more and understand all people better. That realization led to my decision to become a travel agent. I trained and worked at Liberty Travel on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, catering to a high-end clientele for many years. Then, in 2008, I left to join Protravel, which specializes in luxury travel.

Protravel has been a great fit. Its reputation and close ties with high-end vendors, along with my personal relationships with suppliers around the world, mean my clients receive VIP treatment and many value-added amenities. Plus, I often can save thousands of dollars on first and business class flights.

Even if you cannot afford to stay in five-star luxury, I usually can add value and find a way to arrange your dream trip. I lay out options, allowing you to decide where to splurge and save. For example, I was recently asked to find an inexpensive safari trip to Africa. There was a bus tour that cost $5,000 per person and would hit the key places they had asked to see. However, the itinerary included many long hours on the bus. I also offered the alternative of a personally guided trip that included private plane flights and was far more luxurious for $8,000 per person. They opted for the luxury and returned to thank me, saying it was a highlight of their lives.

I love traveling, but even more, I love creating amazing experiences for other people. If you are looking for personalized service and expert planning, I would love to help you plan your travels.

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