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Helena Marks

New York, New York Travel Agent

Travel Agent

I have been in the travel industry for the past 25 years assisting both corporate and leisure clients. I've been very fortunate to be able to sell dreams to the honeymooner; sell hiking, biking, skiing, scuba diving to the adventurer; the soft adventure to South, East and Southern Africa.  To be able to follow the gorilla; or search for the lion, or panther and of course watch the herds of wildebeest migrate.  Or a relaxing island vacation; a weekend in Manhattan.  Or to Asia or Australia, having gone over 20 times. I am a Australian Specialist.   I can coordinate an experience for you anywhere in the world. 

I believe everything is rooted in conversations and context.  I need to understand exactly what a client needs; build that relationship. Oftentimes its as simple as starting with "where have you been and what have you liked".

I love having these wonderful experiences and sharing them with my clients when I return.