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Giancarlo Fadin

Encino, California Travel Agent

Luxury Leisure & Corporate Travel Agent

If you speak ask anyone who does business with Italy who they turn to for travel arrangements and connections to important contacts in Italy, they are likely to recommend me. I am also well known among Italian community living in the western U.S., as they have learned that I provide the best airfares, rental car pricing, and other in-Italy arrangements.

I have specialized in travel to Italy ever since the 1970s, and my strong relationships with airlines, rental car companies, tour companies, and hoteliers enable me to provide both corporate and leisure travelers with the best service and pricing to Italy, Europe, and beyond. For example, I have a special agreement with Auto Europe that provides advantageous pricing for your car rental in Italy and Europe and my high volume earns me special fares and consideration with Alitalia. In addition, I have relationships with most airlines and special status with all major cruise companies.

I started my career in travel in 1970 at Alitalia Airlines in Chicago as a ticket agent and rose quickly into sales management, working in New York, St Louis, and Los Angeles. In 1988, I left Alitalia to open my own travel agency, Merano Tours and Travel, specializing in serving the Italian market. Two weeks later, someone at the Italian Trade Commission asked for my assistance with their U.S. trade missions, and I began arranging group trips and incentives for companies interested in creating partnerships with Italian companies and importing Italian goods to the U.S.

When my agency was invited to join Protravel International, the leading luxury and corporate travel agency in the country, we became Protravel Merano Tours and Travel. This provides many additional advantages to my clients, including Virtuoso value-added amenities such as free breakfast and Wi-Fi at many top hotels and additional clout and buying power around the world.

As Protravel Merano Tours, I offer complete travel services to all destinations. My specialties include culinary experiences, cruises, and customized tours, attractive packages to Mexico and Hawaii, and villa rentals. I also head a group and corporate division.

Italy remains my biggest focus, but as my Italy clients have branched out, so have I. Today, my team and I arrange group travel, cruises and individual travel everywhere in Europe and around the world.

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