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Annette Sordoni

Encino, California Travel Agent

Luxury Travel Agent

I have been blessed to travel to many destinations in the world including almost all of Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Central and South America, Indonesia, China, Iceland, Fiji, Tahiti... the list continues!

Italy is my top destination as I lived there for 10 years. I am married to an Italian and speak the language fluently.  I fell into travel by coincidence as my background was in Television and Film Production. I worked for a Film Producer in Rome for over 7 years before becoming a full time momma of two boys.

When my boys were a little older, I began my career in the super exciting travel industry! My first job was with a Alitalia wholesaler who hired me because I could speak to his clients in their Italiano... I then started to design travel for my girlfriends and the rest is history. Travel is my my passion... my LIFE!