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Martha Mckay

Roseland, New Jersey Travel Agent

Executive Business and Luxury Leisure Travel Agent

My travel career started in corporate travel in a small agency, managing commercial accounts. I became a manager, and then a working partner. In my 25 years in the industry, I also worked as part-owner of an American Express representative office and at Carlson Wagonlit before joining Protravel International eleven years ago, where I plan leisure as well as special events, corporate meetings and incentives. 

Protravel’s big advantage is their global buying power and connections, and the special treatment and rates that earns for our clients. Every single day, we have better rates than Orbitz, and we have real human beings to back it up with personal service. 

When people ask why they shouldn’t book online, I ask them this: When you book through Orbitz and need to sort something out, who are you going to call, ghost busters? I am very detail oriented, almost to the point of OCD, so I make sure that everything goes smoothly. That’s important, whether I’m working with a corporate incentive group, an individual or a family.

For example, last year I had a multi-generational family of nine who were in danger of being stranded in the Turks and Caicos during the hurricane. I spent the day making sure I got them out. Since all airports were closed, commercial flights weren’t possible. I hired a private jet and it was able to find the right window of time to fly safely, and that’s what it came down to. 

I also am able to save people from careless mistakes. For example, people often see something on the internet or friends mention something and they get their minds set on that. A doctor once asked me to book Beaches, Turks & Caicos for his honeymoon because it was close and had a great beach. I told him to wait six or seven years until he had children because it was a family resort and found a more romantic, intimate hotel, Grace Bay Club, also in the Turks & Caicos. 

I love when I can open people’s eyes to new experiences. My hairdresser is an example. Every year, he and a group of friends go out to a different resort area out west to ski. Last year, I suggested they try something different, Chamonix in Europe. It was a good choice. They’re great skiers and it is very challenging, plus they got to experience a different culture and food. Plus, partly thanks to the inexpensive lift tickets, it didn’t cost more than they usually spend! 

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