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Margriet Itz

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High-End, Hands-On Travel Planning

“No” is not a word you will probably ever hear from me. If there is something you want, from last-minute tickets to Wimbledon to a private yacht trip through the Caribbean, I will make it happen. When I plan your trip, I will hone in on your interests and guide you to the best experiences around the world. If you are interested in gourmet cuisine, I can arrange cooking classes and hard-to-get reservations at Michelin-starred restaurants. For wildlife enthusiasts, I can suggest expedition cruises to the far corners of the earth as well as naturalist-led adventures and African safari game lodges that let you discover the wonders of nature while being steeped in luxury.

I also make sure your time is not wasted. My years of experience have taught me how to head off potential mishaps and inconveniences. A cruise line recently tried to route my client from Florida via JFK and Frankfort to Rome. That is no way to start a trip. Plus, they had not allowed enough time for the JFK connection so she might have missed her flight, and possibly the cruise. I put my foot down and had her re-ticketed on a Miami-Rome nonstop flight.

As your travel agent, I am always there for you. When the unexpected glitch such as a winter storm threatens to derail your plans, I will take the necessary steps to get you back on track, often before you know there is a problem. From your first trip, I will look after your frequent flyer numbers and hotel loyalty programs and know which airlines seats you like and what type of hotels and restaurants you enjoy.

I often become a part of my clients’ lives. I learn what they and their families are interested in, their budgets, and the level of luxury they enjoy. As their children grow and their interests widen, I continue to guide them. For example, the child of one of my clients just turned to me to rent a deluxe 14-person villa in Mykonos for a graduation celebration with their friends

.Travel is in my blood. My dad was a pilot for KLM and our family moved as he was stationed in different places. It gave us an interesting background. Growing up in Canada, Bermuda, the Netherlands and New York gave me marvelous opportunities to explore and absorb many cultures.

My life in the travel industry started with summer jobs with the airlines, and over time, I became a reservations supervisor. In 1985, my husband and I decided to open our own travel agency. As the industry changed, it became more important to be affiliated with a powerful agency, so in 2005, we joined Protravel International, the country's leading luxury travel agency. As a Protravel agent, I can provide my clients with value-added amenities at top hotels and cruise lines around the world and ensure they are treated as VIPs.  

I love what I do because it is all about making people happy. I have worked in the travel industry all my life and traveled extensively throughout Europe, Africa, South America, Asia, and the Caribbean and I am excited to share my insights with you.

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