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Nancy Knight

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

VIP Service for Business and Leisure Travelers

The travel agents at the Beverly Hills branch of Protravel International view ourselves as dream-makers and creative problem solvers. As travel agents, we love making the impossible happen. It is very satisfying because we are making people’s lives tangibly better, whether they are traveling for business or leisure.

Sometimes we are planning a bucket list trip to give someone the trip of their dreams without breaking their budget; other times, our agents are given carte blanche to pull off a one-of-a-kind fantasy. Either way, we have the advantage of our connections around the world and the clout of Protravel, one of the most respected and largest travel agents in the country. Our professional service-oriented travel agents do what it takes to keep your trip on track, even when weather or other impediments arise and work hard to satisfy your unique needs and wishes.

For example, one of our clients asked his travel agent to help him devise a one-of-a-kind romantic and memorable way to propose to his fiancé. She was able to pull strings and orchestrate a fairytale venue for the proposal in the gardens of Versailles that ended with a celebratory ride in a horse-drawn carriage ride.

In another case, our client, who has dual nationality, left home with the wrong passport and it did not have the visa he needed to enter Israel. Fortunately, he was flying through London, and his travel agent dispatched someone to his home and had the passport shipped to meet him in London.

As you might expect from our Beverly Hills location, our office handles a lot of entertainment and VIP travel. This often requires a high degree of discretion and complex arrangements to make sure that our client’s privacy is respected. Some even travel under an alias. Not all hotels, car services, meet and greet services and private plane operators have the discipline to be discreet and we need to know who to turn to around the world when someone needs to ushered in and out of a hotel or arrive in a new locale without being seen.

As a Virtuoso travel agency, we also provide our clients with a whole host of VIP amenities. These can include complimentary upgrades at top hotels around the world, as well as value-added extras such as free breakfasts, Wi-Fi and late checkout, and spa or meal credits.

Even more important is that when challenging situations arise, such as a political crisis or a delay due to bad weather, our professional travel agents will be there for you with their caring and expert support and creative solutions along with all the power of Protravel International.

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