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Corkie Van Zak

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

European Destinations – Protravel International

Travel Europe like a rock star or like a queen – however you choose. If you can imagine it, Corkie Van Zak can most likely help you bring it to pass. European destinations offer something for every taste and budget. Corkie Van Zak enjoys helping her clients book travel destinations in Europe. She said she specializes in European destinations, “because I love the history and old-world ambiance of European cities as well as the different languages, cultures, music, and food. I love traveling and I have been to Europe more than any other place. Most of my clients inquire about Europe as well and they want to go there first. I like to find the unusual and unique experiences for my clients.” Unique experiences Corkie has recently booked for clients include an ice hotel vacation (a hotel actually made of ice), a double decker bus with a glass roof that allows you to see Paris as you dine on a fine meal, and a volcano cooking class in Italy. A few more ideas for European destinations might be the home of Count Dracula, medieval castles in Europe and lesser-known vineyards in France. 

Corkie said, “I especially enjoy traveling to or booking travel to the UK, France and Italy - pretty much the Big Three. Europe offers something for every taste and preference, and don’t forget about the shopping. They have great shopping experiences.” Corkie says her personal travel experience to European destinations, her 36 years of travel industry experience and her association with Protravel International give her the edge in assisting clients with international travel to European destinations and beyond. She particularly enjoys booking Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Scandinavia, but Corkie can help you travel anywhere in the world you want to go. Contact her today.

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