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Corkie Van Zak

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

Luxury River or Ocean Cruise

Boasting 36 years of experience and multiple travel industry certifications and honors, Corkie Van Zak unabashedly says she has traveled all over the world, but especially loves ocean and river cruises. “The best part about cruising,” says Corkie, “is whether it is an ocean cruise or river cruise, you only unpack once. You get to see the world pass by your window. The food on the cruise lines I book is fabulous and it is great to meet other people on the ship. I am skilled in finding the right cruise line, the right ship and itinerary for my clients. Not everyone is made for a certain cruise and, through my experience, I can find the ideal cruise to match my client’s needs and personality. Some travelers prefer high-end luxury and others are all about the world travel experience. River cruises are such a special experience, especially through Europe. On these floating 5-star hotels, the food is outstanding and the sights are fascinating.” Corkie has been on ocean and river cruises with many cruise lines. She started off with an ocean cruise and fell in love immediately. Her first trip was on the Leonardo Da Vinci, an Italian line that’s no longer in business. After 10 days at sea from New York to Cannes, France, Corkie knew she’d found a lifetime joy. Her first river cruise was the same. She was invited to sail on the inaugural of Uniworld’s River Royale. She said, “The small ships, the intimate atmosphere, the fun places we saw… it was just phenomenal.” She loves river cruising in Europe, Danube, Rhine, Rhone and Douro, and particularly recommends river cruises that stop at the European holiday markets. “The lights, the people, the decorations… and usually they have themes of what type of food they are highlighting that year. For example, sausages, pork, ham or game – whatever the theme is for the year, you’ll find it cooking on huge open grills. Your day is enhanced with the smells, the sounds and the sights of this rich cultural experience. Don’t miss the Glühwein, hot spiced wine, alcoholic or non-alcoholic,” Corkie says. For ocean cruising, you can go anywhere in the world really. Corkie’s favorite ocean cruise was around the tip of South America through Iceberg Alley. Are you ready to cruise the world? Call Corkie today.

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