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Suzy Nevins

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

Highly Personalized Travel Services

A client once asked me why I suggested a different hotel for her than for her friend. I explained that she and her friend have different tastes and there is not one best hotel for everyone. I plan each trip catering to the likes, dislikes, and interests of each individual traveler.

Because I have been so many places and remain current on the latest hotels, restaurants, and experiences, I am able to curate the best for your personal tastes. I work with trusted hoteliers and on-site companies in each destination who can help fulfill specific interests and be on hand for any special needs.

Wherever you stay, you can expect special treatment. Simply by being a Protravel agent and a member of Virtuoso, I can provide value-added amenities, but I take that one step further. I have personal relationships with hoteliers and on-site host companies. Over the years, many have become true friends. They may even have had dinner at my house. That means when you travel as my client, you will be personally met and welcomed. Plus, if you have a special request, I usually can make it happen.

I’ve always been interested in travel and food. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, I worked as an English teacher, but I had a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out) before it was a thing. The first European trip I planned was a six-week independent trip with my new husband. I found that I loved doing the research.

Soon friends--and then friends of friends--started asking me for help in planning their trips. I filled six lateral files with information about every place in the world. It was taking over my den and my life so I decided I either had to go into travel planning as a business or throw away the stuff.  

In 1976, when my children started school, I turned my passion into my lifelong dream and began working as an independent travel agent. I later joined Executive Travel in Washington, D.C.  When my family moved to the West Coast, I asked my hotelier friends which agency was best; Protravel topped the list, and I became a Protravel agent.

I still clip and file articles about food, travel, and design (now often I do so digitally). And as a travel agent, I take into consideration my clients’ interests as well as my own. I also continue to explore the world and love helping my clients do the same, turning their dreams into trips of a lifetime. Most of all, at this stage in my career, I enjoy all the friendships I have formed around the world and bringing that to my clients.

I would love to help you plan your next dream vacation.

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