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Judy Baker

Roseland, New Jersey Travel Agent

Luxury Travel Agent

As a former teacher, I am always curious and open to new experiences. I had stopped teaching when my son was a baby, but when a friend invited me to take courses at night on travel, and I figured I would try it. It was nice to have a break from making formula and changing diapers, and fortunately, my husband was supportive (this was 1972!)

Soon, I was working part time at a small travel agency. As my children got older, I increased my hours. I changed agencies several times before I landed at Protravel, and I have been here ever since. I love that I can tap into Protravel International’s top position in the travel industry to arrange for VIP treatment for my clients. As an added plus, in many top hotels, my clients get upgrades and other amenities such as free breakfast, WiFi and other treats. Plus, when you are traveling, I am there with you mentally—ready to fix any problems that might arise.

Over the decades, I have traveled the world many times over and I love being able to share my expertise and experience and collaborating with my clients, co-workers and suppliers. But my greatest joy is the adventure of planning people’s dream trips and having them return to tell me what a wonderful time they had.

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