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Ruth Asher

Roseland, New Jersey Travel Agent

My Life as a World Traveler

Travel is an amazing field, it is always interesting and everything is always changing, which I love. I also  get the opportunity to meet and work with clients and suppliers I would not have the opportunity to otherwise know. I don't have a favorite destination or trip to plan, I always love discovering the next trip around the corner.

I started in the travel industry in 1969 sorting brochures and learning the business at a New Jersey Travel Agency. I then worked for Alice Travel, a golf wholesaler that partnered with Eastern Airlines. I came over to Protravel International 15 years ago. And because of my relationship with Protravel and our global reputation and power in the travel industry, I am able to offer my clients personal VIP service and amenities above and beyond they could ever get anywhere else, such as rooms in sold-out hotels and seats on sold-out flights.

When I am working with a client, new or long-time, the most important thing is to both listen and hear, which are not the same thing. I need to know about each person, each family, so I can recommend the destination, hotel, cruise or experience that best matches what they care about and ask for. One person's idea of "relaxation" may be completely different than another; to some, it might be a mountain peak with amazing views, to others, it is laying on a secluded beach for 10 days.


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