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Lanie Geller

Roseland, New Jersey Travel Agent

My Life in Travel

I’ve always loved travel, but I never thought about being a travel agent until my own travel agent recruited me! At the time, I was a teacher, which is similar in many ways. In both professions, you are taking a lot of knowledge and presenting it in a way that motivates people to know more. Plus I love helping people and making them happy—and for me, that is what being a travel agent is all about. Since then, I’ve been to almost every Caribbean island, traveled extensively in Europe and taken multiple trips to Asia and South America.

I find European travel very exciting, experiencing new cultures and meeting people from around the world. I have been to London, Paris, Holland, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Italy Spain, the French Riviera, Provence, Greece and Ireland. 

Two of my favorite types of trips to plan are honeymoons and family vacations. Honeymoon couples often haven’t traveled that much, especially at the level of luxury they want for their honeymoon. Often people pick places because their friends have gone there, but their friend’s taste may not be theirs. In listening to what they like to do, I match them to the perfect experience. For example, if they want a lot of nightlife, then a Viking River Cruise might not be the right.

Similarly, family vacations require a different kind of thinking and require planning age-appropriate pacing which changes as the children grow up. I know if the children have a good time, the parents will. Often, an all-inclusive resort is the answer; kids find playmates, parents get some alone time, and resorts can be as deluxe as the parents want.

For tours with younger kids, Tauck Bridges programs are great because all the logistics are taken care of and kids get to be kids. Families with teens and tweens can enjoy customized itineraries with fun options like Segway tours, golf cart tours in Rome, maybe tickets to a soccer game. I love that travel exposes kids to different ways of thinking and they learn that everyone doesn’t have the lifestyle they do. Most important, these trips create shared memories that strengthen family bonds.

No matter what motivates you to travel, my first-hand travel knowledge and supplier relationships enable me to craft the best experiences the world has to offer! 

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