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Laure Sebi

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White-Glove Corporate Travel

White-glove service means having everything personalized to your taste. For some clients, that means that the car that takes you to the airport will have the brand of bottled water you prefer. The hotel will be arranged as you like, with the view you specify, the scent you prefer, and the bedding that makes you comfortable.  

For most of my clients, luxury is not about glitter and glam; it is about having the comforts of home. I know what they want and am proactive in making sure everything is done just so. Often, I Skype with the hotel manager to make sure that the heat or air conditioning won’t be blowing on your bed or desk; I’ll check the view from the window. I’ll see the layout of the room and how far it is from the elevator. I specialize in haute-couture travel, and I will make sure everything is tailored to your preferences. 

Security is a big concern for some of my high-profile clients. Often, I make their reservations under an alias, which can be complicated. If it is your preference, I can avoid hotels altogether and find you a private apartment rental in the part of town you prefer.  

Similarly, I can arrange for you to be met as you get out of your car at the airport, and walked through priority security, and then greeted at the door of the plane when you land and similarly ushered through immigration and customs.  

I am here 24/7 to find a solution to whatever travel challenges may arise, whether you need to adjust your flights because of a canceled meeting or you need a last minute trip planned to London. Most changes are due to the imperatives of business and board meetings. Recently, a client asked if I could cancel his Newark International Airport to Los Angeles flight for that evening and rebook him out of LaGuardia because he preferred not to drive to Newark. The answer was “Of course.” 

I am like the travel extension of their personal assistant for many of my clients. I am often called on to organize corporate retreats, arranging all the details from selecting and contracting for the location to private planes for attendees. I handle all the menus, golf tee times and other activities, as well as everything needed for the meeting itself. I also am skilled at pulling together business dinners, power breakfasts, and luncheons at the spur of the moment, making sure to cater to special requests and even setting up seating plans. 

My corporate travelers think of me as their security blanket. One of my clients was on his plane and in the air when he realized he had left his iPad with all internal notes of the company at the VIP airport lounge. He phoned me from the plane and asked me if I could get it to him the next day. I called lounge, and although it was approaching midnight, fortunately, someone was there. They located the iPad, and I made the arrangements to get it to him, and then went back to sleep. That is white-glove service.  

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