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Laure Sebi

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High-End Luxury Leisure

Most of my life, I was afraid of bees. Now, I see a bee and think of Provence, where a bee-keeper taught me that bees are not looking to sting us. I can still taste the honey on the bread that he served and feel the sun on my arms. Traveling heightens our senses, and those sensory memories stay with us always.  

As your travel agent, my job is to tailor your travels to your tastes and interests to create those indelible memories. Whether you are into food and wine, Jewish or Christian heritage, art or adventure, my years of experience and personal contacts along with Protravel’s network of trusted suppliers allow me to plan with your trip with confidence, anywhere in the world.  

For many of my clients, knowing that 24/7, I am just a text or phone call away provides immense peace of mind. For example, I had organized a private plane to fly a group to their ship in Patagonia, but the plane broke down. It was hard to replace it quickly, but I was able to get a plane to them within two hours, so their delay was minimal.  

Often, clients reach out even when everything is going smoothly with questions or special requests. I had planned a Galapagos trip over New Year’s Eve for a high-level French business person and his children and grandchildren. They called almost daily for advice and with special requests, like organizing an impromptu birthday party, and I was happy to handle it all.  

Real luxury can be simple. Most high-end travelers have everything they want. What they are looking to do is to create memories. On that Galapagos trip, for example, 13 family members joined my client. I arranged to end their trip with a week at a hotel in Guayaquil, where they took over a whole floor. In briefing the staff, I explained that my clients simply wanted to be together as a family.  

The general manager treated them like guests at his house, meeting their private plane and taking them to play golf. The kids made cookies with the chef, and I arranged in-suite breakfasts where everyone could relax in their PJs and play with the kids on the floor. It was a great bonding experience—more than money could buy. 

My connections allow me to make your trip very personalized. For example, I planned a trip to Japan for a Muslim family. They spoke French, but I surprised them by finding a guide who spoke their native tongue, Arabic. Since they were observant, their guide arranged for halal food and gave them the chance to meet local Arabic families. 

For a honeymoon couple in India and the Maldives, I answered all their dreams, from visiting an elephant sanctuary to a hot-air balloon trip and staying in a luxury tent under the stars. Everywhere they went, they were treated like VIPs. I even had the airline pilot come out and greet them and had a congratulatory cake delivered to them during their flight. Just before flying home, they call to ask me if I could add in two days in Dubai since they were changing flights there anyway. Of course, I took care of everything within an hour, including a special suite and a trip into the desert. 

One of the things I like to tell my clients is that you do not need to wait for a two-week vacation to create special memories. Just staying two nights at a hotel like the Plaza Athenee, Four Seasons George V, Hotel de Crillon in Paris is a stellar experience. Or fly to Amanera, an Aman Resort in the Dominican Republic. You will feel awakened and alive. The very air you breathe feels different. It is like putting together a wonderful new cocktail. It explodes in your mouth, and you feel that life is beautiful.

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