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Laure Sebi

New York, New York Travel Agent

Luxury Corporate and Leisure Travel Agent

I like to describe myself as a creator of unforgettable memories. I specialize in high-end travel for discerning business and leisure travelers. Whether you are planning a corporate retreat, a multigenerational gathering, or a holiday trip, I provide the upscale service and attention to detail you require. My expertise and contacts span the globe, from Asia and Africa to Europe and South America, and my white-glove service ensures that your trip will be seamless and stress-free.

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Travel Specialties

White-Glove Corporate Travel

White-glove service means having everything personalized to your taste. For some clients, that means that the car that takes you to the airport will have the brand of bottled water you prefer. The hotel will be arranged as you like, with ... Read more from my White-Glove Corporate Travel bio.

High-End Luxury Leisure

Most of my life, I was afraid of bees. Now, I see a bee and think of Provence, where a bee-keeper taught me that bees are not looking to sting us. I can still taste the honey on the bread that ... Read more from my High-End Luxury Leisure bio.

From Art Dealer to Luxury Travel Agent

Art was my first love, but planning travel is my passion, and it draws on everything I have studied and enjoyed in life. My 25 years of travel industry experience have equipped me to handle corporate and leisure travel for individuals ... Read more from my From Art Dealer to Luxury Travel Agent bio.

Travel Experiences

The Magic of Egypt

Egypt is a place unto itself. It looks, smells and sounds unlike any place else on earth. As my plane approached Cairo, the city seemed to rise from a shimmering desert. My first impressions were that everything in Egypt was golden, from the sunlight bathing the desert sands and orange blossom ... Read more from my The Magic of Egypt story.