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Aanchal Gandhi

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

Savvy Corporate Travel Advisor

I view myself as an extension of the businesses I work for. That means providing top value and finding for the best deals as well as making travel as easy and comfortable as possible for my travelers.   

Thanks to my previous career in the fast-paced world of hedge funds and finance, I understand how critical travel is to business opportunities. I know that if you request a flight or want to change plans, it doesn’t mean I can take care of it in three days; it means it has to happen now. 

Travel is the third largest controllable expense for a firm. Recognizing this, I put the buying power of Protravel behind everything I do. I have access to exclusive pricing and contracts through the direct alliances and VIP partnerships Protravel International has built. As a result, I can provide pricing quotes and air and hotel programs that enable business travelers to enjoy traveling for work, but not at the expense of the company's budget. For example, in some cases, I can arrange for upgrades to business class for the price of full-fare coach. 

I work hard to add value to every step of the way. Often, this means thinking outside the box and offering options you would not think of or know about on your own. For example, if you request a flight from New York to London at 6 p.m. on airline A, I might inform you that you could save money by departing an hour later or flying on a different airline. Similarly, if you request a one-way ticket from New York to Boston, I will ask how you are getting back, because the roundtrip fare may be lower than a one-way fare.  

If you are my client, I will also know your priorities. For example, if you want a hotel with a gym that is open 24/7 so you can get in a workout before your first meeting, I will check to see that it has the equipment you prefer. If your priority is being able to roll out of bed at the last possible moment, I will look for hotels within a few minutes from your meeting.  

Plus, I keep my product knowledge and contacts up to date so if you want to stay at the trendiest hotels or get reservations at the most in-demand restaurants, I can help.  

When there are the inevitable airline delays, flight cancelations, and other travel hiccoughs, I am there to get you on your way and often can arrange priority waitlist clearance and other preferential treatment.  

At the end of the day, I want every traveler to feel that I have made their trips as seamless and luxurious as possible. Plus, when we run the numbers, I want to be able to show how much money I was able to save your company.  

Allow me to book your business travel and I assure you quality, precision, professionalism and an exceptional level of service that will enhance your travel experience and improve your bottom line. 

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Amazing Business Partner in Travel

Reviewed By Viv - New York, NY | Traveled to San Francisco ~ California ~ USA
Aanchal is wonderful to work with, a virtual outsource arm of our firm. She always aiming to provide the best service, garnering the best rates, and make travel seamless for her clients. We chose to work with her at my new firm after nearly a decade of working with her at my prior firm. In the business environment, Aanchal is a person that we can trust. She not only helps arrange our travel, but puts in the effort to help us find the best solution at attractive rates. She also works incredibly hard to ensure that we travel for business, it is an extension of home. Aanchal is invaluable as she provides a solution to travel emergencies (and she does it in the most welcoming, warm, and energetic way).
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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Helping us with unforgettable getaways!

Reviewed By J M - New York, NY | Traveled to Europe
Ms. Gandhi has been the consummate professional since Day 1, going above and beyond to ensure that every one of our travels is as seamless and unforgettable as possible. She not only listens first and asks poignant questions afterwards, she also taps her vast knowledge of our destinations to make spot-on recommendations that meet our needs better. She is also available to help in any way possible whenever we encounter unexpected snags during our trips. Hence, it has been a pleasure to entrust her with our vacations anywhere for the last decade.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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our honeymoon

Reviewed By rbb - ny nyc | Traveled to Maldives ~ Central Asia
she is professional, attentive, and detail oriented
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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She is Amazing!

Reviewed By Always traveling - New York, NY | Traveled to Europe
We have worked with Aanchal for over ten years. She is a consummate professional, knows what we want, and helps guide us through the best, and sometimes the most challenging, times. She has provided services for our entire family and I have referred her to my friends (who also adore her). She has helped us travel across the world - flawlessly and intelligently.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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