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Ellen Regenstreif

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

Luxury Travel Agent

Most of my clients trust me with their travel plans in the same way they work with financial planners to manage their investments. I have a deep understanding of the mechanics of travel and of the range of experiences that are possible in each destination, so my clients look to my expertise to figure out how to achieve their travel goals. 

Some of my clients tease me, calling me their travel psychologist because I probe and ask a lot of questions to help them figure out what they want to do. Plus, I understand the interpersonal aspects of travel; whether you are traveling as a couple, on your own, with your kids or with your extended family or friends. For example, I know that your teenagers are not going to be happy getting up early on their first day in Paris and that you can head off most arguments on the road with good trip preparation.  

I am very educated and well-traveled and am constantly reading, but more importantly, I know how to translate my knowledge into great experiences. I come from a long line of travelers; my grandparents lived on almost every continent and I grew up watching them travel and visiting them. In high school, I spent a year in Spain, traveling throughout the country and then visiting England with my parents. 

My first job was with a travel incentive company. I worked there summers while in college and between college and graduate school. After earning my doctorate, I expected to teach college, but there was a hiring freeze so I did stints teaching high school, working as a translator and running a yoga studio. Then, a friend changed my life by asking me to help someone going on sabbatical with their family.  

The family wanted to be based in Spain but travel almost the entire Roman Empire and beyond, from Ireland to Turkey, and to Israel and Jordon. I realized I had seen everything they wanted to do and planned their entire itinerary. They referred their friends to me, and I loved arranging these trips and realized this was the career I wanted. 

I quickly reached the point where I had more work than time. After some research, I decided to join a Virtuoso agency. Virtuoso was a good match for the VIP travel arrangements my clients wanted, and I would be able to offload my back-office tasks and focus on my clients.  

I met with someone from Protravel in 2011, and it was an immediate fit. In addition to a professional support team, Protravel has a network of vetted suppliers around the world and 24/7 support for my clients. My clients also benefit from the value-added amenities and leverage that comes with Protravel’s tremendous buying power and, freed from the mountain of administrative paperwork, I have time to be creative in finding the best experiences for my clients.  

If I plan your trip, I will ensure that your trip reflects who you are, your dreams and what would make your trips extraordinary for you. Whether you are moved by art, music, architecture, literature and history, food and wine, or golf and nature, I will seek out experiences that speak to your passions. The possibilities are endless.

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