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Ellen Regenstreif

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

Educational and Fun Family Travel

My specialty in family travel was born out of my experiences traveling abroad with three daughters. My husband and I have traveled with them since they were toddlers. We have been through the challenges of how best to handle a trip with little ones, dealing with picky-eaters and the challenging teen years when kids need to sleep in.  

I plan a lot of trips that have an educational bent, whether you want to take a six-month family sabbatical, a week-long family adventure or a relaxing long weekend at the beach. I have a doctorate in Spanish literature and a love for all history and literature which I often draw on in creating a child-friendly cultural experience. Often, I suggest visits to castles with ghosts, dungeons and great stories, and I always seek out engaging guides who love relating to kids.  

In planning multi-generational trips, I look for activities that appeal to both adults and children so everyone can enjoy their travels. The most important thing I’ve learned over the years is the importance of making every member of the family feel like their wants and needs are being taken into consideration.  

To make the most of your trip, it is important to be prepared for what you will encounter, culturally, emotionally and physically. That is part of the service I provide. In selecting a destination, I take into consideration what your children are studying in school as well as the ages and interests of everyone on the trip. If asked, I also can arrange for language training before you go or in your destination and provide suggested reading lists and background information to enrich your travels, including guides and dictionaries specifically created for children. 

I have worked with families to set up extended stays where you rent a home and enroll your children in local schools, perhaps visiting other cities or countries in the area. Or you might want to spend a few weeks or months abroad and take a language program as a family. Volunteering also can promote family bonding while bringing you in close contact with the culture. I’ve arranged everything from volunteering at a school in Costa Rica to connecting with organizations working on women’s health in Bali.  

Wherever you go, I am always there for you. For example, I had clients in Australia during a horrible hurricane and they had to leave their resort. Although I was on vacation at the time, I was on call, and I was able to save their vacation by booking them into a resort in the Blue Mountains.  

Whether you are planning a family adventure, seeking an educational program abroad for your children or your family, or considering an extended stay overseas, I can help you create the experience you are looking for. 

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