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Carol Talcott

Boca Raton, Florida Travel Agent

My Life as a World Traveler

As a luxury travel agent and world traveler for the past 30 years, my experiences have given me the knowledge and insight to put together trips of a lifetime for my clients. I am constantly seeking out new cultures and new experiences around the globe. From luxury boutiques to expedition cruises, I have experienced it all. When clients are looking for something special, I can not only make their wishes come true, but I can enthusiastically provide them with inside information because more likely than not, I have been there and experienced it! And my greatest joy is when people come back and tell me this was their best trip ever.

I don’t usually book off-the-shelf travel, because everybody’s interests are different. For example, two people say they dream of going to Paris. That could mean so many different things. One person may want to spend two days in the Louvre, another wants to know where the best boutique shops are, or where they can take French cooking classes. That’s really the fun of my job; getting to know what people really want and arranging it. Even when I plan a cruise or resort vacation, I like to see how I can customize it to make it the best it can be. As a seasoned advisor, I listen to your unique needs and interests and provide you with the best advice for your requests. Then I plan every detail to ensure everything goes smoothly so you can simply enjoy!

My passion has always been travel, but my first job was very different. I worked in the fraud department of an insurance company. But we had a travel group and I got involved with planning trips with them. When the company was sold, my husband suggested I do what I love and apply for a job as a travel agent. I did and was hired on the spot and 30 years later, I couldn’t be happier.

I feel lucky to work at Protravel International. As a Virtuoso company, we can provide our clients with amazing amenities and access to things like to Super Bowl parties and other special events. We also have great connections and can arrange for private yachts, private jets and private villa rentals. 

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