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Carol Talcott

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Dreaming of Australia

I took a three week trip to Australia with a friend years ago and I have loved the country ever since. There is so much to see and do there, and the distances can be huge, so when a client says they want to go to Australia, I make sure I understand what they are really dreaming of.

Almost everyone spends time in Sydney, and the Sydney Opera House is high on everyone’s list. Most people just snap photos from the outside and forget that it is a great place to catch a concert. Plus, for clients interested in architecture, I suggest they take a tour, because there are so many amazing stories about how it was built. For example, the design was far ahead of available technology and the man who designed it never lived to see it finished.

Everyone usually wants to hit the main sites, The Rock which is the original historic area, Bondi Beach, a beautiful beach where locals and visitors go, and Sydney Tower, for great panoramas of the city. But often I’ll arrange a private guide based on particular interests, or for a fun evening, a ghost tour pub hop focused on the stories of convicts who were brought over to the penal colony. 

Ayers Rock is also amazing, and I especially recommend Sails in the Desert, a five star experience, where you can take guided walks through native gardens, listen to an Aboriginal storyteller and learn about their crafts, weapons, foods and life style. Another wonderful desert hotel is the 15 room Longitude 131, which offers a bespoke glamping-style experience.

Beach and diving enthusiasts will want to spend time at the Great Barrier Reef, and it’s important to match their interests with the right resort. For some it’s more of an eco-tourism visit with glass-bottom boat and submarine outings, and for divers, it’s a very active destination. That’s why it’s important to choose the right resort.

Most people also fall in love with the wildlife. There are parks where you can feed kangaroos and wallabies and sometimes hold a baby kangaroo, but koalas are the real show-stoppers and at some sanctuaries, you can actually pet them. 

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