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Africa Travel

Growing up in Michigan, my youth was filled with fishing, hiking, hunting, birding and photographing nature and from my first foray into Africa, I discovered it offers access to all that on a grand and exotic scale, plus a diversity of cultural experiences. I’ve since taken ten extended trips to Africa, for a total of eight months. In my travels, I’ve spent time in Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa, Namibia and Ethiopia, and I have developed relationships with a network of trusted tour operators, guides and hotels.

Among my favorite trips to arrange are multi-generational adventures. Safari adventures can be as vigorous as hiking up mountains and as cossetted as viewing wildlife from a perch in a lodge overlooking a watering hole or in a vehicle. However, since the joy of a multi-gen trip is often determined by the happiness of the youngest member, I usually suggest my clients wait until their younger child is about eight years old. This is important, both for their readiness to understand, enjoy and benefit from the experiences and, on safari, from a safety standpoint. Sharing once-in-a-lifetime experiences like coming eye-to-eye with elephants or gorillas in the wild, or watching herds of wildebeests thundering across the Serengeti cannot help but create lasting bonds.

South Africa and Namibia offer laid-back, cushy options that can be a good introduction for hesitant, first-time Africa travelers. For the more adventurous, I love to arrange balloon rides over the Serengeti to see the great migration and other wonders in Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. For those who have been to Africa or are ready to experience the culture and wildlife on a deeper level beyond the usual tourist paths, I often recommend Uganda, Rwanda and the Congo where the density and diversity of wildlife is beyond every photographers’ dream.

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