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Stewart Lieberman

New York, New York Travel Agent

High-End Corporate and Leisure Travel Agent

With expertise based on 38 years in the industry and over a decade of living and traveling abroad as a musician, I have deep knowledge of destinations around the world. Not only do I know the names of the best hotels, I know where they are in relation to the places you’ll be visiting as well as their general managers. That means, whether you are a corporate traveler attending a conference, a musician performing at a major venue or a leisure traveler who likes to explore on foot, I can select the best hotel for your needs and often arrange for value-added amenities such as room upgrades, complimentary breakfast and more. 

Before becoming a travel agent, I worked in Los Angeles as a musician and recording artist and then lived for years in Munich, touring the continent. I continue to perform as a jazz pianist. When I got married, I moved to New York where my life-long love of travel made joining the travel industry a natural and happy career move. I enjoy traveling both for pleasure and business, and my trips keep me on top of the latest trends and offerings.  

My musician background means I understand the needs of touring performers and handle travel for many celebrities. My travel career began at Liberty Travel in New Jersey. I was also director of leisure travel for Direct Travel and head of leisure at Zenith Travel in Chicago before returning to the metro New York area.  

I have been with Protravel’s New York City office for 20 years, planning both high-end leisure and corporate travel. Most general managers at top hotels--from the Hotel Belair in Los Angeles to the Maurice in Paris to The Peninsula in Beijing--know me personally because of the clientele I send.  

As a matter of course, I contact the general manager at each hotel I arrange before my clients—both corporate and leisure—arrive to confirm that you will get VIP treatment. This might be the best possible room, special amenities such as wine, champagne and fruit platters, or complimentary late check-out. Lately, some branded hotels have been overbooking; my relationships with heads of hotel chains ensure it isn’t my clients who get turned away. Thanks to Protravel International, its Virtuoso affiliation, and my personal connections, I have a lot of leverage. 

For vacation travelers, I look for ways to create experiences of a lifetime: a hot-air balloon ride over the Masai Mara to watch the annual migration, dinner at a traditional, centuries-old restaurant, or a private tour of the Vatican or the Great Wall of China with an expert guide. 

On the corporate side, knowing how tough it is to be a road warrior, I do everything to make trips easier and give you something to smile about along the way. I also work the affinity programs to maximize benefits for companies and their travelers.  

In winter, especially, it’s all hands on deck when there are snowstorms. We at Protravel are the first to know. Because we are proactive, you won’t have to wait in line to rebook a canceled flight only to be told all seats are taken. I work 24/7 to get you where you need to be. Years ago, when volcanic ash clouds from Iceland closed down northern European airports, we chartered a plane and flew our clients home from southern Europe. That’s something no online travel site will do for you!

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