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Joe Lagana

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High-Touch, High-Service Corporate and Leisure

One of the big advantages of booking through a good travel agent is having someone who gets to know your preferences, your interests, and your priorities and is there for you whenever and wherever you travel. That’s what I do for my corporate and vacation travelers.

My biggest corporate account, a global financial company, has been with me for almost 19 years. A few years ago, I thought I would lose their business when they merged with a larger overseas firm. Instead, my business grew because they made it their travel policy that all U.S. travelers had to book through me and Protravel. My contact there said that was because I saved them money and ensured their travelers adhere to policy while keeping them happy and productive. 

Often companies don’t understand or care what road warriors go through and only see the numbers. I find ways to save money and at the same time, work hard to make things as comfortable and stress-free as possible for my travelers. By dealing with a single point person, me, my travelers don’t have to explain themselves over and over again. I know the hotels they like, the airline flights and seats they prefer, and I often know better than they do which hotels will suit them when they are going to a new city. 

Additionally, working for Protravel allows me to do things for clients that other agents wouldn’t normally be able to do. Hoteliers and airline people get on the phone and hear Protravel, and it makes a difference. My clients get special treatment such as early check-in, late check-out, free breakfasts and other special amenities at hotels. And we track our clients in transit and are on top of rebooking when there are delays or cancelations.

These VIP benefits and services apply to both my corporate and leisure clients. I also serve as a one-stop shop for travel planning. I can arrange corporate meetings and incentives as well as family reunions and celebrations. And I like to call myself a “people-mover par-excellence” because I handle flights, transfers and other arrangements for groups as well as individuals. 

I’m one of those lucky people who found his path early in life. As a kid, I would go to the neighborhood travel agency and pick up brochures from faraway places. Seeing my interest, when I turned 15, the manager offered me a job after school and weekends. I worked for her until I went away to college. 

I’ve happily made my entire career in the travel industry. Air travel was once something that only the super rich could do; now it is as common as taking a bus. With Virgin Galactic planning trips into space, I am looking forward to booking someone on a space shuttle! Where do you want to go? From Maryland to Morocco to the moon, I’m ready to smooth the way!

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Best agent around!

Reviewed By Dawn - New York, NY | Traveled to Mexico ~ Mexico
Joe has always responded to our requests right away and will make personal recommendations whenever he sees fit. He is patient, friendly and a pleasure a to work with. When we book a trip through Joe, we are confident it will be a smooth ride :)
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
Joe Lagana responded:
thank you so very much for your kind words!
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