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Pamela Mattia

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Luxury Travel Agent

If you’re looking for someone who takes the time to understand to understand your travel dreams and goals and knows how to make them happen, I would love to be your travel agent.  Actually, a poorly planned honeymoon was my impetus for becoming a travel agent.

The travel agent I consulted for my wedding trip back in 1987 never asked what type of honeymoon we wanted; she simply promoted the resort she wanted to sell. As soon as we arrived at the resort she’d booked, we knew it was wrong for us and phoned her. She never returned our calls! Seeing someone do it all wrong told me that there was a need for someone who could do better and ten years late, I became a travel agent, determined that what happened to us would never be the experience of any client of mine.  

It starts with asking those specific questions you may not even realize you should be thinking about. Do you want an all-inclusive resort? A high-rise with everything at your doorstep or does a sprawling property with private cottages, each with their own pool, feel more your style?  Are you planning to get pregnant and concerned about the Zika virus?  

My clientele span a wide range of demographics, from corporate executives to blue-collar professionals. I also deal with a lot of policemen, firemen and military personnel and am happy to tap into the many specific discounts that the industry offers them. Every traveler has different dreams and budgets; I pride myself on my ability to understand what they are looking for and create vacations that fulfill their dreams and stay within their budgets. That’s why so many clients keep turning to me for all their travel needs.

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