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Patricia Chungsathaporn

New York, New York Travel Agent

Travel Agent

"Patricia Serrano helped us plan our honeymoon from start to finish. We barely knew where we wanted to go, but she worked with our budget, our air miles restrictions and our ideas about what we wanted, and made suggestions for us that we wouldn't have been able to find on our own. She really took our interests and personalities into consideration, and found us a resort that literally checked all the boxes and more! We wanted to have a relaxing vacation, something that wasn't exactly cookie-cutter, but not exactly camping either.

The resort that we ended up booking with her help had private access to a hard-to-find beach and private villas within our budget, but every detail of the resort was designed from an eco-centric point of view. They provided reusable shopping bags and packed lunches for off-premises excursions in order to eliminate disposable food packaging and plastic bag use. They even had their own desalination plant on the premises to create clean, fresh drinking water. Patricia knew that I work in food & wine, so naturally this place also happened to have world-class cuisine and an award-winning wine cellar.

When it came down to the nitty gritty details, Patricia helped us out with that as well. She helped us plan a hike and a visit to some local attractions, and whenever we had any concerns or questions she responded immediately and smoothed everything out for us so we wouldn't have to worry about any of those details.Before, during and after our trip she followed up with us to make sure everything was perfect, and we were happy to let her know that it was!

I would highly recommend Patricia as a travel agent to anyone looking for someone who will help you plan your dream vacation, whether it includes lots of beach relaxing and great food and wine, or something more adventurous!"

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