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Luxury Family Adventures for All Ages

There is nothing like sharing adventurous experiences for promoting family bonding. My family went camping across the country in a trailer while I was growing up and we still talk about those family adventures when we get together. I believe that those trips are part of the reason my brothers and I are so close. 

Adventures don’t necessarily mean roughing it — some of the most adventurous trips that I plan combine five-star accommodations and service with thrilling forays into exotic ecosystems and cultures.  


For active families, Costa Rica can be a dream destination. You can do extreme eco-adventures such as zip-lining and white-water rafting, or more laid-back nature walks. There are also lovely beach resorts where families can enjoy water sports and relax. And since English is widely spoken in Costa Rica, it is easy to connect with the local culture. 

The most exciting thing about Costa Rica for families is the chance to explore its fascinating and pristine ecosystems, including cloud forests, rainforests, and beaches. Costa Rica’s excellent wildlife reserves and licensed naturalist guides will introduce you to animals and plants unlike any in North America, from playful monkeys, nearly motionless sloths, and brilliantly plumed birds such as toucans and hummingbirds. Not to be missed is a chocolate tour. You’ll learn to identify cocoa pods in the forest and see how indigenous people made chocolate. The highlight, of course, is the tasting!  

There are some wonderful nature lodges. I took my daughter to El Silencio Lodge & Spa in Baja del Toro for her 13th birthday. It’s a remote five-star resort where you have a dedicated butler. Ours greeted us after a chilly hike with hot cocoa and a waiting hot Jacuzzi bath, and even though our rooms were heated, he warmed our beds with hot-water bottles at turndown every night.   


Hawaii is another wonderful luxury destination for family adventures. Like Costa Rica, it combines great beaches with a welcoming culture and a wide array of eco-adventures. Hawaii is especially good for families of diverse ages and abilities because it offers so many different ways to experience its wonders. For example, you can spot amazing sea life from a submarine or glass bottom boat, or snorkel around coral reefs and volcanic formations. 


Another great vacation option for families is cruising. I can help you select the right line, depending on your interests, budget, and the ages of the travelers. Royal Caribbean is the right choice for many families. Its connecting cabins let kids and parents have their own space. It also has a great kids program, plus a wide range of activities, both on and off the ship, for teens and adults. Many families opt to go their separate ways on some days and then come together for dinner to compare notes. River cruise companies and tour operators increasingly offer family-friendly departures. I also can arrange customized itineraries anywhere in the world that will create shared memories that will last a lifetime.  

Where does your family want to go next?

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Every trip is a hit, never disappointed!

Reviewed By Sue - Huntersville NC | Traveled to Aruba ~ Caribbean
We use Lori to book all our trips! She goes above and beyond to give us the best travel experience. Lots of extra perks!
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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Amazing trip to a wonderful country

Reviewed By Mombatista - Boston, MA | Traveled to Costa Rica ~ Central America
She was great. I had no idea where to go in Costa Rica and she helped me weed through all the options and create an excellent itinerary. Incredibly helpful to have her advice and experience. She was very patient with me as I asked about a variety of options and she was able to explain all the pluses and minuses of different hotels, locations and plans. It was invaluable. And she's very sweet and easy to work with!
I don't often use a travel agent but was so glad I did this time. Not only was Lori very helpful in putting things together, but we ended up going on our trip right as the Coronavirus was beginning to really take off in the US and so we needed to get home quickly. She and her team helped us rearrange things so that it was simple and painless for us to change our plans (though we were sad to have to do so!). I'd highly recommend Lori for your travel planning.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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Trip of a Lifetime

Reviewed By Chris M - Chicago, IL | Traveled to Europe
We started planning our trip of a lifetime with Lori in August 2018 and the dream trip came true in May 2019. 19 days covering Santorini, Greece; Naples, Positano, Capri, Rome, Florence and Venice, Italy; Nice, France ; and Monaco. Planning our first trip for our 30 year anniversary was not easy but Lori did a phenomenal job of giving us so many options and so many things we would not have thought of. We stayed at 4+ star hotels, flew business class, had private car services and more..... Lori took care of everything. She had an open mind when we didn't agree on certain things but then if we were making a bad decision she wasn't shy to tell me. We loved working with Lori and will not only recommend our friends and family but will plan our next big trip with her!!
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
Lori Rogers responded:
Thank you Chris. I truly enjoyed collaborating with both you and Tina on your amazing dream vacation. We made a great team and I loved seeing all our work come to life in your blog . I look forward to working with you on your next big trip or anything in between. Thank you!
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