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Lori Rogers

Boca Raton, Florida Travel Agent

Luxury Travel Agent

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, I love to experience new places and cultures and enjoy helping other people do the same. I am very creative in putting together unique experiences to celebrate special occasions while seeing the world. I look forward to orchestrating the trip of your dreams.

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Travel Specialties

Celebration Travel

What better way to mark a milestone birthday, anniversary, graduation and other special events than with a trip? Instead of a dinner party, a celebration trip provides days of shared experiences. Including your loved ones or close friends can make the ... Read more from my Celebration Travel bio.

Luxury Family Adventures for All Ages

There is nothing like sharing adventurous experiences for promoting family bonding. My family went camping across the country in a trailer while I was growing up and we still talk about those family adventures when we get together. I believe that ... Read more from my Luxury Family Adventures for All Ages bio.

My Life in Travel

If you’re looking for an experienced travel advisor who packages your trip from start to finish and follows through to ensure everything goes as planned, I could be the right travel agent for you. Every morning, I wake up eager to ... Read more from my My Life in Travel bio.

Travel Experiences

Ireland: All I Expected and More

It’s hard to go to Ireland and not fall in love with the people and the land. To start with, the people are incredibly sociable and friendly. Whether you’re in a city or a rural village, it’s fun to go to the local pubs. One evening, someone started singing, and everyone joined ... Read more from my Ireland: All I Expected and More story.


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Every trip is a hit, never disappointed!

Reviewed By Sue - Huntersville NC | Traveled to Aruba ~ Caribbean
We use Lori to book all our trips! She goes above and beyond to give us the best travel experience. Lots of extra perks!
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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