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Howard Lewis

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An Insider’s View of the World

In London, visitors jam together to watch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. Yet when Prince Charles is in town, the changing of the guard at St. James Palace is the same kind of show in miniature and without the crowds. Plus, just 30 minutes earlier at Hyde Park, you can be one of a handful of people to witness the horse guards prepare for their formal walk to the palace, and perhaps even have a chance to pet the horses.  

Similarly, you can pay to tour the Tower of London and jostle with the crowds, or I can arrange for you to see it for free during the Ceremony of the Keys. This 700-year-old ritual is performed every night at 11 p.m. As the night guard goes on his rounds locking all the doors, he shares anecdotes about the Tower’s four centuries of history. 

Many people travel like Napoleans collecting countries. I prefer to spend two or three weeks in an area. I especially love uncovering special experiences to share with my clients. I also urge my clients to put aside their lists, put down their cameras and make their own discoveries. 

Everyone’s dreams are different. My job is to make sure that you get the trip you truly want. I will tell you when I think something is or is not for you. For example, if you never visit museums in the U.S., you probably will not want to spend the bulk of your vacation racing through the famous museums of Paris or Florence. Instead, you might prefer to take a cooking class or enjoy a picnic prepared by a famous chef. 

Equally important, behind the scenes, from the moment you leave for the airport to the time you arrive home, I will be there for you, making sure everything is the best it can be. Being with Protravel means that I can put the buying power and support of one of the most respected and largest travel agencies to work for you, whether it is clearing a waitlist, getting your room upgraded at no additional cost, or getting value-added extras at hotels and on cruises. 

Travel has always been a part of my life. My parents lived abroad, and my grandparents were socialites who invited us to summer in London with them. My first jobs were as a publicist with MGM and Disney.

My wife was working at a travel agency. I started helping her on weekends, creating detailed itineraries that sometimes ran up to 70 pages. I discovered that I loved working as a travel agent more than anything I’d ever done and switched careers.  

Decades later, I am still passionate about my work. Creating trips that people love makes me happy. My greatest satisfaction is when clients return from a trip and say, “I took your suggestions, and my trip was wonderful!” If you would like to experience the world as an insider, I would love to plan your travels!

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