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Georgia Stanek-Finkle

Chicago, Illinois Travel Agent

Luxury Travel Agent

Working in the travel industry for (don't make me tell you how many years), and receiving my degree in Geography/Travel & Tourism and Marketing from DePaul University, my love of gallivanting has never waned. So many places on Earth to enjoy — from eco-tourism in Costa Rica and Mayan culture in Guatemala and Mexico, to the vast array of cultures, food, and geography of Europe (Spain and the Canary Islands, Portugal, Italy and Sicily and Sardinia, France & Corsica, Germany, Greece, Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands, England and Northern Ireland, and Tunisia), all of which I have been fortunate to visit. I just returned from Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way, which is stunning and a must for foodies. Once Cuba eased up on restrictions for US citizens, I went and was able to enjoy the art and music of Havana and beyond. And a highlight of a recent trip to China was scooting around Shanghai in a motorcycle sidecar. Through the years I've been fortunate to enjoy many of the Caribbean islands from A to V (Aruba to Virgin Gorda — BVI) - no islands in that region start with a "Z". And besides the notable wine-making regions of the world – Chile, Argentina, Italy, mainland Spain, and France – there are amazing vineyards that populate the micro-climates of less expected areas, such as the Canary Islands, that I’ve found worth the visit. In the frenetic world of travel planning and operations, I found myself in one of the most remote and peaceful spots on Earth — Easter Island — wholly isolated and disconnected from the rest of the world. It made me appreciate the vastness and wonders of Earth. There are still places where you can shut your eyes, breathe slowly, and experience your surroundings. The joy of traveling and helping others see new sights is why I love my profession.

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