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The Road Less Traveled

Isfahan Iran, April 2015
Isfahan Iran, April 2015

Long before I entered the travel business, I was planning trips to remote corners of the globe for myself and my friends. I planned my first truly exotic journey decades ago when I was living in Davos, Switzerland. Some friends and I had decided to cross Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railroad and then visit Japan. We came into contact with many different cultures, hiked through scenery that looked like Impressionist art and saw the intricate crafts, sculptures and paintings that were unlike anything we’d seen before. It was an amazing adventure that sparked a wanderlust that is reinforced with every voyage I take and every trip I plan.

I am especially drawn to destinations I’ve read about in historical novels. This has taken me everywhere from Kathmandu to Dubai. Inspired by my deep fascination with Islamic art and architecture, I’ve traveled through Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Iran. In the past few years, I also visited Samarkand and Bukhara in Uzbekistan (see my blog) in 2017 and Turkey and Morocco in 2018. 

Exotic travel doesn’t have to mean roughing it. Cruising offers luxurious entrée into exotic lands so I earned my certification from Cruise Line Industry Association as an Accredited Cruise Counselor and have done extensive cruising on rivers and oceans of the world. I’ve hosted groups for Virtuoso on two luxurious Silversea ships, and my upcoming trips include a cruise from Auckland to Capetown with Crystal Cruises. These relatively small ships can sail into fascinating ports of call that are not on the usual cruise circuits. I also will be going on a safari in Namibia to remote lodges. 

My life is travel—and it’s a lifestyle and skill I love to share. Whether you want to take waltz lessons in Vienna or an elephant trek though the wilderness, I can help you plan a trip that brings you to the heart of the places you travel.

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