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Immersive Travel to Remote Destinations

I have traveled from Kathmandu to Lhasa on the Tibetan Plateau, cruised the Brahmaputra River and hiked in Ladakh, India and journeyed through the Kingdom of Bhutan to Sikkim, in the Himalayas of India. Everywhere I go, I seek out the best experiences and guides to help me and my clients connect with the local culture and the land.

Immersive travel can be surprisingly affordable and as comfortable or rugged as you choose and can provide astounding experiences. For example, India’s Brahmaputra River is stunningly beautiful. The river has ever-shifting sand banks and goes through beautiful rural and remote areas. Cruises generally stop at two national parks along the way, which you reach on smaller boats. There, you can see white rhino, tigers, and elephants. I have cruised with Pandaw Cruises. It is comfortable, not luxurious, and has great guides and excursions. One of the highlights is touring Kaziranga National Park while riding on an elephant. It’s hard to imagine how huge they are; you feel like you are towering over the landscape! The cruises also offer the chance to meet people who live in rural villages and work on tea plantations and to visit some of the religious centers. 

Whether going on safari in Africa, cruising on the Danube, or totally getting off the grid, it is unusual experiences like these that are the reason I continue to travel and seek out new destinations and experiences to share with my clients.

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Reviewed By Peg - Edmonds, WA | Traveled to Asia
Because of Birgitt's many years of working in the travel industry and because she has traveled extensively throughout her life she is able to offer you the expertise you need to have the best, trouble free travel experience . She has been my go to planner for 30 years.
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