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Luxury Travel Agent

I have traveled to most major destinations around the world and explored every continent and I love them all, each in its own special way. My interests are eclectic and I always keep my eyes open for unusual and special experiences. Plus, my vetted network of suppliers and professional co-workers keep me in-the-know on everything from great new hotels to soft adventure activities. If I do not have the answer to what you are looking for, I know where to find it.

Through experience, I have learned how to minimize the stress of travel and cut through the overwhelming volume of choices to select experiences that suit your interests, budget and physical condition. If you are drawn to Paris for art, for example, I will ask what types of art. While everyone wants to see the Louvre and Musee d’Orsay, if you love impressionist art, I will suggest you take a day trip to visit Claude Monet’s home in Giverny and then come back to Paris to the Musée Marmottan Monet to see the biggest collection of his works.

As a Protravel professional and Virtuoso affiliate, I am qualified to provide the best possible experiences and the most bang for the buck. Our clients receive value-added amenities such as free breakfasts, meal, and spa credits and space-available upgrades at top hotels and cruise lines. Plus, if there are weather delays or other challenges that arise while you are on your trip, you always have someone to call on to sort things out.

I also like to arm my clients with cultural tips. In Bali, for example, it is rude to show the bottom of your feet so it is best to avoid crossing your feet when you sit down. And learning a few keywords such as please and thank you in the native tongue goes a long way to opening people’s hearts. Parisians, known for their attitude, usually answer my feeble attempts at French by telling me they speak English, but the tone is always much friendlier after I show my respect for their culture by not assuming they speak English.

Before I got into the travel business, I worked as a CPA, but I lived to travel and I dreamt of becoming a travel agent. I researched my own trips and kept logs of all my travels. My hobby was planning the travels for everyone who knew me or knew of me. The only time I ever used a travel agent was when I had planned a trip to Russia during the Soviet era and needed someone to book it. When I tried to book my next trip with her, I found that she knew nothing.

I realized I could do better and told my husband that I wanted to change careers. He warned me that I’d have people yelling at me all the time, but I took the leap. In fact, I rarely get complaints. What I do get from my clients is thank you notes! And unlike my days as a CPA, I look forward to getting up and going to work each day. What I find most satisfying is creating the best possible trip for my clients. Wherever you are going, I’d love to use my expertise to plan your dream trip.

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