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Corporate Travel

Wine Excursion In Slovenia

I provide expert travel planning for corporate, sports, entertainment, and leisure. I am a regular guest expert across multiple shows on CGTN America which is broadcast globally to over 100 English Speaking countries and on Dish Network in the United States.

Work Experience: United Airlines, Royal Caribbean, Accenture, First in Service Travel, Protravel International

Many small companies don’t use think to use travel agents, especially when their travelers have complicated and diverse destinations and needs. However, in most cases, I can not only handle all the bookings, but provide service and reporting while saving you money.

One of the businesses with the most complicated travel issues that I handle is a music company. Their travelers were booking with Airbnb because they thought that was all they could afford. Sadly, there were problems at least ¼ of the time. Many of the places they booked had no host available when they arrived and they had to wait to check in, no electricity or issues with the water. The travelers assumed that since they weren’t booking hotels, they were saving money. However, looking at the time and cost of a DJ set and how often their Airbnb issues caused them to be late, the company was actually losing money.

With the help of Protravel, I was able to show them a sample of what a similar account spent, and now at least half their artists are having me book hotels as well as airfare. The costs savings are significant. The only artists who are still booking Airbnb are those who need space to jam or who can’t afford to the credit hold that hotels require. 

On the high end, our corporate clients appreciate the value-adds we can provide. For example, some hotels provide a third or fourth night free, free breakfast, no-charge late checkout and upgrades. We have been able to show major savings compared with booking through an online booking engine, thanks to these amenities.

The other advantage to working with me is that you have an expert finding you the best flights and rebooking you when bad weather or other delays happen. Plus, I can tailor my technology to your company’s profiles so that I know what each traveler prefers and what is within policy for them.

My goal is to make solve your travel problems and simplify travel for you and your globe-trotting employees and associates. Be happy, save money!

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