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Stephen Scott

Chicago, Illinois Travel Agent

Luxury Leisure & Corporate Travel Agent

I provide expert travel planning for couples, families and individuals that is focused on providing unique experiences for vacations within the U.S. around the world, and corporate travel services that support a wide range of customers from recording artists to law offices. My global connections help assure you of the best pricing and value, including exclusive perks and personalize service. I am available to my clients every day of the year, which is why I set up my website as Hub 365.

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Travel Specialties


After five years at Royal Caribbean International, I understand cruising and all that it can be. I know what each of the lines has to offer. Having seen the differences between consumers who book directly and those who come through travel ... Read more from my Cruising bio.

Corporate Travel

Many small companies don’t use think to use travel agents, especially when their travelers have complicated and diverse destinations and needs. However, in most cases, I can not only handle all the bookings, but provide service and reporting while saving you ... Read more from my Corporate Travel bio.

My Experience & Background

From the days when I worked in my parent’s travel agency, I always knew travel was going to be my world. After graduating college, I worked in corporate sales at United Airlines, where I handled high profile corporate and TMC (travel ... Read more from my My Experience & Background bio.

Travel Experiences

The Culture of Morocco

The Moroccan culture is so rich and the people were so warm and friendly that this is a destination that you need to come back to again and again.  There are so many things to experience; the more I learn, the more I want to know.

I visited for the first time ... Read more from my The Culture of Morocco story.