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Value-Added Amenities, VIP Service, Accessible Tra

Opening up the world for people is one of the most satisfying parts of my job. Whether I am arranging a mind-opening journey around Japan, a luxury experience with fun activities for a corporate or multigenerational gathering at a beach resort, or coordinating wheelchair-friendly accommodations and assistance for a special needs traveler, every one of my clients gets the hands-on attention and value-added amenities only a professional, personal travel agent can provide.

I use my expertise and decades of experience to take the stress out of travel planning for my clients and create vacations that are fun and fulfilling. Consumers often feel like they will pay less booking online. In fact, as a Protravel International travel agent, I have access to the same, and sometimes better, pricing and deals and also provide additional amenities and services.  

Online agencies may not advise you about mandatory add-on fees and taxes; I will. Additionally, at many hotels, I can arrange value-added extras such as free daily breakfast and food and spa credits or early or late access to your room.  

Online agencies will not flag the fact that the basic economy airline seat you are looking at does not include a pre-assigned seat so you are likely to have a middle seat and be separated from your travel companions. Plus if you want to check a big, there can be a sizeable additional fee. I will tell you the real cost of your trip, and additionally, on some airlines, I even can arrange for upgrades to business class for the price of full-fare coach, saving you thousands of dollars. 

An online agency will not make it a priority to rebook you when there are cancelations due to weather or mechanical issues. I will. So if your flight is canceled, I will rebook you and you will not have to get in line and cross your fingers that there will be a seat left on the next flight out. 

When you book with me, I am always watching out for you. For example, I had booked a group of 90 into an all-inclusive hotel in Aruba. Less than three weeks before they were to arrive, the hotel had a fire. Most of the hotel remained open, but there were smoke and water problems and I did not want my group to stay there. I was able to negotiate a full refund and get them into a nearby resort.  

While it was not an all-inclusive hotel, they put together an inclusive package for us and everything worked out. On their own, the group might not even have known there was an issue. And without the clout of Protravel, it would have difficult to get a refund. Plus, they would not have gotten the favorable all-inclusive pricing I was able to negotiate at the nearby resort. 

I also find satisfaction in arranging trips for people with special needs. Traveling with my husband through Turkey when he was confined to a wheelchair gave me a sense of what could be done. River cruising is a great option for those with reduced mobility. I also arrange an annual trip to Mexico for two families at One and Only Palmilla in Mexico. One of the children is losing her motor skills and in a wheelchair. I make sure they get the same butler every year and the resort has become their safe place. 

Every client receives my full attention and VIP service. Let me show you what an expert, experienced travel agent can do for your next trip.

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