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Cathy Brooks-Oliver

Scottsdale, Arizona Travel Agent

Luxury Leisure, Corporate & Entertainment Travel

I spent several years as a People Leader successfully managing Customer Relationships at multiple Fortune 500 companies in corporate America. I accidentally became a Travel Professional when I decided to retire from my career in Management and have fun traveling.

I joined a major airline for several years and traveled extensively. I moved on to manage the travel plans of top-tier clients at American Express Travel. Of course (in both cases) I ended up back in leadership and learned valuable info from the clients we provided travel for.

Travel is not 'one size fits all' and it starts the moment you leave your home until you return. There are so many details that can make your experience extraordinary or one you quickly wish to forget.

My tagline has become "Your experience is my experience" because I'm with you every step of the way from planning the best options for transportation to the flights that meet your needs, the hotel stay you will tell all of your friends about, the tour guides that became your best friends and of course recommendations to the most amazing destinations based on the experience you hope to create. I don't believe you will enjoy the same hotels, restaurants, tours and experience my last client raved about......because you are not them.

I love building relationships with my clients so I am positioned to offer your experience! I have traveled all over the United States, Central & South America, Europe, South Africa, the Caribbean, New Zealand, etc. My favorite destination is normally the last place I visited. I look forward to experiencing the world with you!

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