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Hailie Costner

Scottsdale, Arizona Travel Agent

Ocean Cruising Expert

It was cruising that made me fall in love with this industry, and it is still my favorite way to see the world. Luxury cruising is the most comfortable way to explore out of the way places that could otherwise be quite time-consuming to reach—and especially to combine in a single voyage. With 17 years of leading excursions for Crystal Cruises, I developed a deep love for luxury cruising.

Another great cruise destination is the Mediterranean. It’s a region where people have been sailing from port to port since ancient times so cruising seems to be a natural way to explore it. 

Travel is the best way to bring art and history alive, and most of my clients are looking for experiences that feel deeper and more real than the specials they watch on PBS. I also am seeing more and more clients looking for transformative, philosophical, spiritual, cultural and faith-based travel, and have developed a strong network of on-the-ground contacts to connect my clients with the experiences they are seeking.


It is hard to choose favorites, but one of my most awe-inspiring experiences was on a cruise from Hong Kong that visited Xiamen, Shanghai and Dalian and ended in Beijing. China can be a difficult country to tour by land, but on an ultra-luxury cruise, everything is organized, your guides will speak good English and your creature comforts are assured. Best of all, you won’t have to deal with getting from place to place. For me, the highlight of this cruise was seeing The Great Wall of China. It’s hard to comprehend the size and scale; it blew mw away. 

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