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Family Cruising

If you "think cruising with kids is a nightmare", then you have not been on the right ships or used the right travel agent. There is no better family bonding experience than taking a cruise together. And just because you’re traveling with your children doesn’t mean you need to choose a mass market line for your kids to be happy.

Crystal Cruises, for example, has a fully supervised activities program for kids from three to 17 along with dedicated play areas for young kids and teens. Children also receive their own daily newsletter, one for younger kids one for teens—so they can decide which of the next day’s activities they want to participate in. Activities range from story time and ice cream and pajama parties to pizza parties and teen karaoke. There are also trivia games, late night pool parties and other fun activities.

My children—a 14-year-old son and nine-year-old daughter are now “Crystal kids.” They make friends on board, they don’t fight, they are safe, well-watched and well-cared-for, and there are many options to keep them busy and engaged. The line also has a specific kid’s menu, has hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza and more on tap at the Trident Grill, and also happily prepares custom dishes. 

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