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Stuart Cohen

Encino, California Travel Agent

Luxury Travel Agent

I’d always booked my own travel, but when my son became a travel agent, I realized how much better a trip could be when booked by a professional. I decided to make a career change from the insurance industry I’d worked in for almost 30 years. That was in 2017. I now work to help my former insurance clients and others travel the world.

Like the insurance industry, travel is all about understanding your clients’ needs and building relationships, and I treasure the personal connections I’ve made with my clients and my colleagues in the travel industry. I truly am living my dream, and am passionate about designing trips that provide the best possible service and experience for my clients.

My goal is to take the what-ifs out of travel and curate elevated, luxury experiences for my clients. Since my wife Debbie and l have traveled throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom, along with Hawaii and the U.S, these are the destinations I have chosen to focus on. I’ve learned that by leveraging the power of my Protravel International and Virtuoso affiliations, hoteliers, tour operators and other suppliers will jump through hoops to be sure my clients have the best experience possible. The emails and pictures we have received from clients is confirmation that I made the right choice!

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