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Family Office Travel

I understand what it takes to create a travel experience that fits with the lifestyle of a top-tier traveler. Often these trips are planned in conjunction with a Family Office or personal assistant for a busy CEO, celebrity or titan of the technology world. These are people who are focused on having the experience they want, and while value is always important, it’s never a question of cost.

Most of my Family Office clients have personal assistants, nannies, butlers, chauffeurs, and others who anticipate their every need when they are home, and that level of service needs to be there when they are on the road. These are busy people, and they shouldn’t need even to be aware of the logistics of travel. In many ways, I act as an extension of their assistants, making sure that they are served the foods they like and their shoes are tied as well as arranging theater tickets, tours, and unique experiences.

The itineraries I arrange for them include reliable surrogates to guide them through every step of their journey, from arriving at the airport to their return home. Sometimes, I am making arrangements for their assistants, security detail, IT specialist, or other personnel to travel alongside them, advising security of where they will be every single hour of every day. 

Most fly in private planes, but when they fly commercially, I know how to make their voyage as private and cosseted as possible.  Standard practice is to have someone meet them curbside to whisk them through security to a private lounge and then onto the plane. The same will happen when they land. Depending on where they are traveling, I may arrange a helicopter or limousine transfer to their hotel.  

I never simply make a hotel reservation. I verify that their suite or connecting rooms will be set up exactly the way they want it, stocked with their favorite waters and other preferred amenities. I’ve even had to make sure that the outlets were in the right places for a client’s IT person. And of course, I double-check every detail to ensure that my clients get the VIP treatment they expect. 

One client recently referred a friend who was planning a trip to Italy and wanted to stay at a hotel in the Dolomites that was sold out. Her high-powered travel agent couldn’t do anything for her. I phoned the owner of the hotel and explained who this client was, and because of Protravel and who my clients are, I got her in. That’s what the kind of service I provide. My clients are accustomed to getting what they want, and they don’t want to hear “no.” If I can’t do it, then they know that probably no one can. I know how to create the travel experiences these clients want and ensure that every detail of their trip will be exactly as they think it should.

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