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Debbie Kessler

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

High-End Leisure & Executive Travel Agent

I’ve traveled the world and love using my expertise and experience to plan customized independent vacations, small group travel, family reunions, special interest travel and destination events such as anniversaries, milestone birthdays and honeymoons that surprise and delight my clients every step of the way.

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Travel Specialties

Slow Travel In Exotic Australasia

Having grown up and lived in Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore and traveled extensively through New Zealand, Fiji, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Macao, and beyond, I am passionate about this region. The biggest misperception is that people think they can see ... Read more from my Slow Travel In Exotic Australasia bio.

Multigenerational & Family Travel

Increasingly, people are traveling with their extended family, from grandparents down to the grandchildren and perhaps, great-grandchildren. Often, the family office or grandparents foot the bill for everyone.

In one case, my client was a grandmother who chartered a 747 airplane and ... Read more from my Multigenerational & Family Travel bio.

Protravel Branch Manager

Dual Passport, 3 Citizenships: A Life of Travel

With an American dad and Australia mom, I had my first passport before I was two weeks old, and had traveled around the world by the time I was three. I have been traveling ... Read more from my Protravel Branch Manager bio.

Travel Experiences

Bula! Welcome to Fiji!

Bula! Have you been to Fiji before? Yes? Welcome home, family!!

From the beautiful singing welcome of the trio of greeters in the airport arrivals hall at 5:30 a.m. to the teary farewell, with more singing, as we drive away from the resort, Fiji makes an indelible impression. The word Bula, used ... Read more from my Bula! Welcome to Fiji! story.