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Red Carpet Service for All

With over 25 years of travel industry experience, I have developed strong contacts within the airline, hotel, resort and local event networks and maintain strong connections with the entertainment industry. I have recently joined the Protravel International family, one of the top travel companies in the world, which provide my clients with access to an array of wonderful value-added amenities and outstanding services.

I majored in musical theater with an eye towards going on tour around the world, and while I still do some performing, I found that orchestrating trips and events were my real passions. There is no feeling like the joy I feel when people return from a trip or event that I have planned and tell me what an amazing time they had.

My travel career started at Continental Airlines, followed by stints at Liberty Travel and American Express. I booked the travel for Time Inc. photographers and writers, and then handled trips and events for top musical artists at Sony Music Entertainment Group for many years. I continued handling musicians and business travel events during seven years, first as a corporate travel agent and then managing an in-house team at Valerie Wilson Travel, before joining Protravel International as a luxury leisure and corporate travel agent.

I have traveled on a budget and at the top levels of luxury, and know how to plan both. No matter what your budget, I will do what it takes to create the best possible experience for you. I can suggest ways to meet up with locals—whether it’s a specialist guide or dining in a restaurant where I know the owner. I can hire a great driver who might offer to show you around his village or I can tell you which buses to take and provide creative ways to save money while immersing you in a destination.

Along the Riviera Maya, for example, you can get to the Mayan ruins of Tulum in a funky public bus with chickens and locals and buy scrumptious local cuisine from a licensed roadside food stand for next to nothing. I’ll even tell you the bus number and bus stop. A lot of agents can’t do that, but for many travelers, that kind of authenticity is travel at its best. 

One of my most treasured thank-you notes came from a client on a tight budget. She and her boyfriend had booked a low-end room at a budget hotel in Lisbon. They found themselves in a suite, where her boyfriend proposed on their beautiful balcony overlooking all of Lisbon and they celebrated with a bottle local port wine I’d sent. Requesting a complimentary upgrade when available, and sending wine as a surprise was me doing what I always do, but in this case, it resulted in something far more wonderful than I could have imagined, and it still makes my heart smile to think I helped improve this unique moment for them.

When you’re my client, I will do all I can to arrange the trip of your dreams and to make you feel like you are a star walking the red carpet everywhere you go. What will your travel dreams take you?

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1st Trip of 2019

Reviewed By tmpindy - Indianapolis, IN | Traveled to New York (La Guardia) ~ New York ~ USA
Jose is extremely friendly, thorough, polite, and precise. He has wonderful recommendations on flight, hotel, and transportation. His vast experience and easy going personality, make traveling a piece of cake!
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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A Travel Agent You Can Trust!

Reviewed By Laura - NY NY | Traveled to Florida ~ USA
Jose is extremely attentive & direct. I can 100% trust him to handle any situation.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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First Westminster Dog Show.

Reviewed By The Crazy Boxer Lady - Indianapolis, Indiana | Traveled to New York (La Guardia) ~ New York ~ USA
Jose was very friendly, knowledgeable, accommodating, He answered all my questions, talked to me about what was best for me in scheduling time for departure. He scheduled me with a needed wheelchair assistance in Indianapolis & arrival in New York. I did not have to worry about anything, Jose helped me with everything.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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