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Dawn Browning

Scottsdale, Arizona Travel Agent

Customized Immersive and Experiential Travel

I have traveled extensively around the world and pride myself on tailoring trips to suit the interests of my clients. I especially enjoy finding fun ways to immerse people in the culture and environment of the places they visit, whether it is bicycling through Tuscany and stopping for lunch at a farm or coming eye to eye with a penguin on a beach in Antarctica.

My passion for travel was ignited by a world history teacher in high school who brought out a map of the world and talked about different cultures. My eyes went wide with wonder. I loved that class so much and remember thinking that whatever I did in life would have to involve counseling people and seeing the world. I did not know there was a job where you could do both, but now, as a travel agent, I am doing just that.

While getting my psychology degree, I worked as a secretary in a small travel agency. Later, after deciding that being a travel agent was my calling, I got a job at American Express Travel where I planned high-end trips for their top tier Platinum and Centurion cardholders.

My focus on luxury travel continues at Protravel, where I have access to wonderful value-added VIP amenities for my clients. These might include complimentary early check-in and late check-out, breakfasts and space-available upgrades, as well as food and spa credits at many top hotels and cruise lines. Protravel also offers special rates on business and first class air.

As a travel advisor, one of the key aspects of my job is taking the time to understand what you are really looking for and matching you with the right experience. For example, for people seeking to explore a lot in places in one trip, a small ship or river cruise is often the best option because you are not wasting time on planes and transfers. Plus, I look at every traveler in your group to make sure that everyone, from the youngest child to the oldest, is considered as I plan the itinerary.  

I am also there for you when things do not go to plan due to weather, strikes or other issues. My close relationships with suppliers mean there is always someone nearby who can sort things out.

The world is there for you to discover and I would love to help you enjoy the best it has to offer.

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