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Kirsten Hanna

Austin, Texas Travel Agent

Luxury Travel Agent

It is important to me to provide top-of-the-line service to my clients. Creating an incredible travel itinerary that is seamless to the client, yet planned to the very last detail behind the scenes, is such a rewarding part of the job. I want my clients to feel like VIP’s that they are!

My favorite corners of the world include the Maasai Mara of Kenya, Austria, Mexico, Hawaii, the California wine country, the rivers of Europe, and anywhere that has a great golf course.

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Travel Experiences

Morocco: Golfing and More
Golfing in Spain
Golf in Spain

Client Testimonials

Family Vacation in Key West

I hired Kirsten to help me pull together a personal vacation in Key West. When someone uses the term..went above and beyond..they might as well call it "The Kirsten Hanna". This woman treated our small vacation like it was a world tour for a family of 100. Our flights were hard to beat in pricing but our hotel, she knocked out of the park. She researched the best hotels. She was able to secure us the top floor room with full ocean views at the cost of a partial view room. Once we arrived, they provided us with upgrade and credits solely due to the relationship with Kirsten's company. She also secured us steeply discounted scooter rentals, free drinks and breakfast. During our holiday, Kirsten checked in to make sure everything was adequate and then contacted me after arriving home to follow up and learn more about Key West so she can pass the experience along to other clients. She was a true professional. Who ever thinks Travel Agents aren't necessary, has never worked with Kirsten.

Provided by Sandra B. (Austin, Texas)

Excellent VIP Service

Last summer Kirsten assisted us with booking our flights to South Korea. Before our travel date she sent us reminders about having our travel documents up to date and made sure we were ready to go. When we got to Seoul our luggage did not arrive with us. We followed procedure at the airport with a little bit of difficulty because of the language barrier and we were feeling unsure about if we were ever going to find our bags so we contacted Kirsten and she was on It. I truly believe she made it her mission to get our bags to us. She was in constant contact with the airline and with us for two days straight until we finally got our bags. When we arrived back home close to 20 days later, she contacted me to remind us and to help out with our reimbursement process for the personal items bought during the two days we did not have our suitcases. She was very professional and extremely helpful during this process. We definitely appreciate her!

Provided by Diana T. (Austin, TX)


Most amazing experience!

Reviewed By Paula - Dallas, TX | Traveled to Bahamas ~ Caribbean
Kirsten listened to what I needed, gave me options that aligned with my wishes and delivered on a trip that was better than we could have imagined!! Kirsten w paid attention to the details, gave me value for my money and did all the little things that made our trip so very special and helped us made memories for a lifetime!!
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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